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Astrology for Saturday, October 17

I love this photo because it always reminds me of an old song by Peggy Lee (who?)..."I've got the world on a string". Astrology helps you to be more conscious of how to handle the energy of the planets. Energy is never lost, so the planets themselves give us clues about the optimal use of their energies - for our benefit. How nice! It is like having a guide to life!

The Sun in Libra is at a critical 24 degrees of Libra, exactly opposing Eris in Aries and by extension Mars in Aries. And both the Sun and Eris form a conflict laden aspect to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. As Capricorn rules big government and big corporations, this spells trouble for those powerful institutions. And to add to this, Mars in Aries is squaring Jupiter in Capricorn. What dos this mean? A lot of things, some of which I will touch on here.

The Sun opposite Eris and Mars can mean that actions are not serving personal needs. The conflict with the power planets in Capricorn points to big government or corporations making it more difficult to achieve a balance that allows individuals to act in their own best interest.

The Moon is in Scorpio, so there is a depth of perception. Mercury in Scorpio is opposite Uranus, so figuring out how to handle an uncertain and new environment will take all the intense scrutiny of the Scorpio moon. Venus in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces, too, and there is a feeling of loss about having to isolate again rather than socialize. Venus likes to be with people, but Virgo is very health conscious.

As always, a lot is happening in 2020. As the seasons change, be well and be safe!

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