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Astrology for Monday, October 19

2020 is always eventful. This day's chart is no exception, with a Grand Cross, a t-square and a Sextile/Opposition aspect. Let's dive in.

The Grand Cross presents us with a feeling that we can't easily have the energy of every planet involved. Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. Is the choice between practical, prosaic relationships vs. the excitement of the forbidden and glamorous. Be sure you are looking at these choices realistically. All that glitters will not be gold. The other half of the Grand Cross is a combination of Juno/Mercury/Moon in Scorpio vs. the excitement of Uranus in Taurus. The Scorpio planets involve hearth and home, communication and deep feelings. Uranus in Taurus can bring an unexpected, sudden attraction that is very sensual and exciting. The Grand Cross indicates these choices will not be made lightly, and it there will be difficulty in integrating them successfully.

The t-square has been operative for some time. The Libran Sun is opposite Mars/Eris in Aries and both the Sun and Mars/Eris form difficult aspects to Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. One meaning is that personal needs, unacted upon by those in power, lead to frustration. The way out of this t-square is to act out the missing sign - in this case, Cancer. Nurturing, compassion, sensitivity would take into account the Sun's personal needs and soothe the anger of Mars/Eris.

The Moon in Scorpio is a very sympathetic placement for Neptune in Pisces. Feeling and compassion are similar to the action required by Cancer in the resolution of the t-square. The Moon and Neptune both sextile the power planets Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn, meaning they can work with those in power to do their job.

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