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Astrology for Tuesday, October 20

Sometimes you just have to laugh. I had just been reading about Melania Trump and Stormy Daniels calling each other a hooker, when I saw one of the transits Tuesday is Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. A Venus vs. Neptune argument seemed much like what I had just read!

Venus in Virgo can be a working girl (Daniels). Neptune in Pisces can be a glamorous sex kitten (a former "lingerie" model and First Lady?). Venus and Neptune can imply a dubious status both with the truth and glamour. Venus vs. Neptune can imply some confusion in relationships - or ask Can I have a relationship unless I am glamorous and enigmatic? Many of us have that same dilemma in our private lives. A feeling we are not appreciated for ourselves, but for some idealized version of who we should be. That can be lonely and feel very isolated. Neptune can rule isolation, too.

Venus in Virgo likes to do what is healthful and practical; Neptune can live out a fantasy. Like wearing a mask or believing you are immune to the virus. Reality or delusion.

The Moon in Sagittarius today is very close to the lunar south node, so there may be a feeling of being pulled into philosophies and attitudes that worked in the past. That is nostalgia. The Moon is in conflict with the illusions of Neptune in Pisces. Moon, in a mundane chart, speaks to the will of the people. The Moon trines Mars Retrograde in Aries and Eris in Aries. There is a willingness to look at past actions to see where they have fallen short of satisfying the discordant goddess Eris. Once Mars is in direct motion on November 13, there will be more freedom to act upon those feelings in public.

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