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Astrology for Thursday, October 22

One of the most striking configurations in the sky during the Amy Coney Barrett hearings is Venus in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces. As a female, she evokes an understated presence (members of her sect call themselves "handmaidens" - a chilling reference) and opposite Neptune in Pisces, she has refused to directly answer many questions about her acceptance or nonacceptance of established legal precedent. In fact, Neptune is a great spin doctor, so there may be some "illusion/delusion" going on. Certainly her rush through to confirmation by the GOP leaves many wondering if they can vet her properly.

Neptune is sextile the traditionally oriented power planets of Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn (Jupiter ruling the law). This represents the enabling that is going on by the GOP.

The Sun in Libra is disturbed (square) by the actions of the Capricorn conservative powers, and Mars/Eris is greatly conflicted about these actions.

The way to address the t-square is through Cancerian actions. Cancer rules women and women's issues. It is also involved in a compassionate, nurturing view of healthcare. It is pretty interesting that This has come up when Roe v. Wade and The AFA are at stake. Not to mention a possible pardon of the President should he lose the election.

The nodes of the moon are currently at 21 Gemini North Node and 21 Sagittarius South Node. They are within one degree of Donald Trump's Sun at 22 Gemini, North Node 20 Gemini and Uranus at 17 Gemini. The South Node is on his Moon, and South Node, directly opposite his Sun/North Node/Uranus. This is personally significant for Trump. Neptune is square the Nodes - the spin and confusion he introduces into the narrative is confusing and unstable. As Uranus, which is affected by the nodes, rules his 6th house of health, and his Moon, also affected, can signify the body, we may see further health problems.

He is affected by stress, and he must have some, given the direction of most polls.

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