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Astrology for Sunday, October 25

Venus is in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces - a good time to check your romantic impulses to make sure the object of your devotion is all that's easy when Neptune is involved to look at love through a romanticized lens. That can so exciting for a time....unless you find out your partner has feet of clay or is human, after all.

But is such a romantic view fair to the real needs of either party. You may tempted to act very self sacrificing and noble, as though you had no needs of your own at all. But you do. And so does your partner. This is a game, and if you're just looking for a delightful interlude, you may be happy. There are a lot of rom-com's out there to model your relationship on. But if either of you demands more reality, or have unrecognized needs, things may have to get real.

Another meaning is that Venus inVirgo loves to serve, and Neptune in Pisces is somewhat hidden. We have that situation of longing for connection but being very isolated because of the very real threat of infection.

Another meaning is that there is some deliberate lying, deception, or "spin" in the air. It may be in your relationship or in the Presidential race, or both.

The Moon is in Aquarius, a sign that celebrates individuality. The Moon is very close to Ceres, an asteroid that signifies unconditional love, acceptance and healing. Ceres is very concerned with the welfare of our physical planet. So the Moon signifying the will of the people is very allied with the earth and the need for love. The Moon and Ceres are trine the Sun/Mercury in Scorpio. Very personal needs (Sun) face the shocking new conditions of life found in Uranus in Taurus.

Today, the Moon will slip from Aquarius to Pisces. Things may become a bit more confusing. Words and actions must match. If there is confusion, a lie is present. Suss out truth and reality from wishful thinking or deliberate deception.

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