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Astrology for October 27

During the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, Venus in Virgo was opposite Neptune in Pisces, signifying deception and "spin" regarding a female. Today, the day of her confirmation, that aspect is gone, together with her hearing testimony. However, Venus in Virgo is trining the institutionalized powers of (often wealthy) government, Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. The Capricorn planets sextile the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces. All this, as a large party on the White House grounds celebrate their victory.

This confirmation threatens the fabric of society that we once could take for granted, and takes us further away from allowing compassionate healthcare during an epidemic (Neptune in Pisces again!). It may also threaten the election outcome and whether or not Trump can be prosecuted if he loses. There is also the possibility that this celebration will be another super spreader event since the behavior there illustrates Neptune and the Moon in Pisces, perfectly. Neptune and the Moon are sextile to the planets in Capricorn.

The other side of the coin is Mars/Eris square the Capricorn planets which is squared in turn by Sun/Mars, forming a t-square. There is a LOT of anger and frustration at feeling unheard. Only compassion and nurturing can fill the void. And the Sun/Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus seals the deal as far as anger goes. These new circumstances are not at all to their liking. For a time, this anger is turned mostly inside. Anger turned into oneself can manifest as depression. Mars retrograde and Mercury retrograde can delay results on Election Day. Those who are angry at her confirmation may not be able to release their anger and actions outwardly until both planets are direct - November 3 for Mercury; November 13 for Mars.

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