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Astrology for the Full Moon of Halloween

Samhain, or All Hallows Eve is celebrated tomorrow on the auspices of a Full Moon in Taurus. It is said the veil is thinner between our world and the next, so it is easier for things to go bump in the night!

The Sun is in Scorpio, a sign of deep and hidden things, opposite the sensual Moon in Taurus. Day and night is equal now, but the nights will be getting longer as we moves toward the Winter Solstice in December. As George Martin said, Winter is coming!

The Moon in Taurus is usually a great place for the Moon - sensitive and perceptive, the Moon finds stability there, normally. But this year, the Great Awakener, Uranus will be exactly conjunct the Moon. Uranus is much harder edged than the Moon. The Moon likes family and the comfort of familiar things. Uranus is revolutionary and is willing to break eggs to make an omelette, if that is what Uranus feels humanity needs.

The Sun wonder how will emotional needs be met in a very different world (Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus)? Feelings (moon) are likely to feel some hurt as Uranus ruthlessly shares its insights. We can see the impact of ego and how far it is from nurturing us.

Moods can change without warning; there is an edginess in the air which may make it hard to settle down to sleep. There can be an impatience with routine. This may stem from a deeper realization that you are ready for something new, and emotional cost of the venture, be damned! And do it any way.

Since Uranus is often associated with democracy, we may see a popular surge for the Blue Party just prior to the Election.

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