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Astrology for Tuesday, November 3 - Election Day is Here!

I am writing this blog on Monday night before the election, so I am going out on a limb here, but I haven't been this happy in a while! This looks like a very positive chart for the majority of the American people, who, I believe, would like to see a change in the administration.

Mercury has been retrograde for the last three weeks, and we have experienced gaslighting, lies and truly horrific right wing extremism. Like a President who declares he cannot lose unless there has been voter fraud. Like Biden buses surrounded by Trump supporters. Tomorrow, Mercury goes direct, so I believe election results will be valid, even if there is some initial confusion over the count.

Mercury rules the north node in Gemini, and the Moon (the emotional barometer of the people's will) will be conjunct that north node. Gemini is about logical thinking and acceptance of scientific facts. The North Node is the territory you are aiming for.

The Moon trines Venus in Libra - fairness, justice, and perhaps a female figure in the legal field. Venus in Libra is inconjunct Uranus, so this may be an unexpected move. The Moon sextiles Mars in Aries, giving the mood of the people legs, so to speak, to DO something.

The number of retrograde planets may delay things, but I think it is pretty clear that the will of the people want change. There may be a legal decision forthcoming. I think this will prevail, at least eventually, because the t-square involving Mercury in Scorpio (biting press) the Capricorn conservative power planets Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn and Mars/Eris in Aries is still in play. (a t-square signaling some opposition and rough water ahead).

We may not get a certified decision at least until November 14 when Mars goes direct. It could be even longer. And the gaslighting nonsense may endure until Neptune goes direct at the end of the month. In mid December, Saturn and Jupiter conjunct at 0 Aquarius. That is a turning point, for sure.

If I am wrong, at least I won't know for a peaceful, hopeful 24 hours!

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