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Astrology of Thursday, November 5

The dominant feature in the sky today is a Grand Trine, a highly harmonious geometric aspect between the Moon in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Sun/Juno in Scorpio. All intuitive, feeling, sometimes downright psychic signs.

The t-square that has so characterized the Republican party during 2020, is holding, involving transiting Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn square Mercury in Libra and Mars/Eris in Aries. The resolution of such a t-square lies in the open leg - the Cardinal sign Cancer. The moon, in a mundane chart, the mood of the people, is in Cancer. The moon is in the right sign and moving into a degree significant to the Capricorn planets.

The planets in Capricorn are conservative, achievement oriented. Cancer nurtures. The pandemic and the need for self care has sharpened the concern for nurturing through health care. It was very significant that the Moon has moved through the karmic north node and scientific territory in Gemini and is now approaching Cancer, the opposite side of the coin from the Capricorn planets, as we draw near a conclusion to the race.

My money is still on Biden. It has been a confusing race to call from the stars, but this week's sky symbols have convinced me. We should know soon, perhaps by the time this article is scheduled to appear,

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