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And Just Like That, Mercury Goes Retrograde and Jupiter Enters Aries

Mercury begins retrograde motion on Tuesday, May 11, and will continue to move back over old territory until June 3. When Mercury goes direct on June 3, it will remain in the shadow of the retrograde until it passes the point where it started its retrograde motion on June 19.

This is not a time to start new projects or begin a new commitment (like a lease). People may reappear unexpectedly from your past, but disappear just as quickly, when Mercury goes direct. This should be a pretty intense Mercury retrograde because Mercury is in a sign it rules, Gemini. Gemini has to do with any type of communication - spoken or written. So anything to do with communication is vulnerable to mis-scheduling or misunderstanding.

The best thing you can do is slow down, review, revise and edit during a retrograde. Many of the "mishaps" - a lost key, an ipad that stops working - are designed to lead you in that direction. Molehills often look like mountains during a retrograde. Wait til the retrograde passes before you panic.

If you have planets in the early degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces or late degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you may experience the retrograde more personally than most.

And June 11 is also the day that Jupiter leaves Pisces and goes into Aries. It is so easy to see the signature of the Roe v Wade controversy in the chart for the day. Jupiter (law) is opposite the Moon in Virgo - the health of women. Mars in Pisces, a combative, aggressive energy is also opposite the Moon (women, fertility). And Mercury begins to go over old ground. Things from the past will be dredged up.

Jupiter stays in a sign approximately one year. So, the last time Jupiter was in Aries was in 2010. Anything happen then? Keep going back in increments of 12 years (Jupiter's orbit) and see if a theme emerges that can inform you about what Jupiter in Aries will mean for you.


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