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Astrology and Barbie

I can’t believe it, but I have been thinking a lot about Barbie. Not the doll. About the connection to Venus, the planet of romantic love.

Barbie began as the first non baby doll to gain popularity with kids. She certainly typified the cultural idea of Venus, female attraction. Big boobs, tiny waist, long legs and feet perpetually set to keep women on their toes, in high heels. The film came out just as Venus turned retrograde in Leo and the Nodes of the Moon shifted to North Node Aries, South Node Libra. Libra is Venus ruled. Mars rules the North Node. Both love planets are involved.

Just as Barbie in the movie wanted a change in her world, so we, too, need our own Venus reboot. How have we felt dissatisfied, fallen short, hurt or just couldn’t quite get what we were aiming for? We are all ready for a Venus reboot. The cure for the South Node’s ills is always described by the North Node. Aries behaviors are the antidote for an unsatisfactory Venue response. Confrontation, assertion, a willingness to defend your beliefs.

The territory for Venus IN THIS CONTEXT (Venus rules some really good stuff, but when it is at the South Node, we automatically look for Venus’ flaws) always involves the Libran shadow - polite dishonesty designed to keep the peace and not (overtly, anyway) rock the boat. The Libran desire for negotiation and beauty is great until it descends into manipulation or passive aggression. The Aries “cure” is to stand up and confront the white lies. To call the passive aggressive behavior out.

Venus will cycle through all the signs as the Nodes remain on the Aries/Libra axis. The signs Venus occupies determine where we might use a little “polite dishonesty”. Venus is in Leo now, so polite dishonesty might maintain the illusion of “looking good” instead of being good. Being so attached to our appearance in the world to make us desirable? Nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but taken too far, it can cause us to conceal our true self. We might feel we have to cover our flaws at any cost. Plastic surgery, anyone?

On October 10, Venus will move into Virgo. Virgo is known as a sign of service. Are we serving in a way that is “politely dishonest?” Do we feel we have to earn love through being useful? Nothing wrong with being useful, but are we concealing a need to be valued for ourselves? A very positive asset in Virgo is discernment. Virgo can figure it out!

In the Barbie movie, Barbie became more real, more authentic, as the movie went on. As Venus cycles through the signs of the zodiac, we have the opportunity to make ourselves more authentic in relationship, too. We can shed our polite dishonesties and speak up, behave more authentically.

To find out how the Lunar Nodes will affect the choices you make, come see me.


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