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Astrology for April 30, 2022: New Moon in Taurus

Time to be good to your inner animal! Sleep when you are tired, eat when hungry - stay in tune with your senses, because Taurus energy is earthy and sensual. This is a fertile Moon (a good time for gardeners). We begin a 14 day growth cycle as the Moon begins to wax. The Sun and Moon will meet at 10 degrees Taurus at 4:30 pm. If you have planets at 8 - 12 degrees of the signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, the new moon will affect you more directly.

Sometimes eclipses are pretty much like any other new or full Moon, but this one promises to be a little more spectacular than business as usual. The North Node of the Moon and the planet Uranus are close to the eclipse point, meaning we might be pushed out of our comfort zone - perhaps with little warning. Something new is beginning. Something must end to allow that new beginning.

This New Moon coincides with eclipse and nodal cycles that happen every 18-19 years. So look back in 18-19 year increments - like 2004, 1986, 1968, for example. What was happening then? Were those years of big shifts for you? If you began or ended a relationship, moved, got a new job - whatever the theme was, it is being set up again. Events won't be identical, but a similar theme may occur.

Venus will meet Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, too, as this is happening. This is a once in a lifetime triple conjunction. While you may suddenly get pushed out of your comfort zone, Venus conjunct these planets means surprises are likely to be happy ones. New opportunities may find you. If these planets conjunct hard to integrate energies in your chart, the results may be less happy, but Venus and Jupiter will soften the hardest of aspects.

The effect of eclipses last longer than the event itself - up to a year. Effects tend to be stronger if they activate a point in your birth chart - or if you are directly in the path of the eclipse.


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