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Astrology for Friday, August 27

With all the stuff happening in Afghanistan, in finessing critical bills through Congress, not to mention the pandemic, you might expect some meaty things are happening in the skies right now. As above, so below. And you'd be right.

Today should be interesting (remember, the old Chinese curse is 'May you live in interesting times') as the Moon nears Uranus in Taurus and square Saturn in Aquarius. Uranus brings in the unexpected, energy disruptive to the status quo, challenging the frontiers of new technology. Some of that wild card energy will play out today, showing us, once again, that we are in uncharted territory and need new rules.

The Nodes of the Moon - South Node in Sagittarius opposite the path of the future, North Node in Gemini. has been dancing around the United States Sibley Chart's Mars at 8 degrees Gemini. Gemini deals in science and fact, not the opinions and beliefs of Sagittarius. The FDA approved the vaccine for COVID-19 during this time. The US has always had a war-related event when 8 degrees (give or take 2 degrees on either side) Gemini is activated. The US Sibley Uranus is at 8 degrees Gemini. So here we have the Afghanistan withdrawal. Thankfully, we are not going to war. The withdrawal began suddenly and chaotically - not unlike Uranian energy - but it has settled down a bit to a methodical removal of 80,000 Americans and allies.

Neptune is currently at 22 degrees Pisces, directly opposite the United States Sibley Neptune at 22 degrees Virgo. Currently transiting Mars at 18 degrees Virgo is in the mix, too. It speaks to many things, but they include the shattering of delusions - such as that we should have ever set the goals for Afghanistan that we did. Once Bin Laden was killed, our original concern, why did we have the illusion that we could establish a democracy there? We also have the delusion that healthcare workers should continue to bring risk home to their families by treating people who have chosen to go unvaccinated and put themselves at risk. In both cases, there are some delusional concepts that are meeting the light of a practical Virgo reality.

I think it is very likely that we will see some surprise events tomorrow that set us on our ear as the Uranian energies come to the fore.


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