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Astrology for Friday, February 12

The moon has moved into the watery, illusory world of Pisces, out of the more democratic sign of Aquarius. Things are not always what they seem in Pisces. It is no accident that the Democrats will wrap up their part of the hearing and we will now hear from the GOP now.

The Moon in Pisces sextiles (excites) Uranus in Taurus (the chaos of the clash between traditionalists and populists in the GOP). And Neptune, strong in its home sign of Pisces, is sextiling (exciting) both Pluto in Capricorn (power) and Mars in Taurus (violence). There is energy here to distort the truth, to resort to violence, if necessary, to hold onto power.

The configuration described above is strong. But so is the more democratic stellium in Aquarius. This impeachment will not be decided upon the facts; instead, the GOP will decide it upon illusions o their own making. Who will win? Time will tell. But the clash between populist and traditionalist Republicans will be laid bare in the process.

Meanwhile new cases of COVID are occurring at a slower pace (slightly) and the Stimulus package marches slowly through the house - thank the Aquarian stellium for that. The power of science and concern for the collective are Aquarian traits.


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