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Astrology for Friday, January 21

Are you tired yet? We have had Jupiter change sign to Pisces, a. Full Moon in Cancer on Monday, Venus turned Retrograde in Capricorn, the Nodes of the Moon have changed fromGemini/Sagittarius toTaurus/Scorpio, Mercury has turned retrograde in Aquarius, and Uranus inTaurus resumed direct motion on Wednesday. Well, hold on, because more is coming up!

When Uranus resumed direct motion, it was square Saturn in Aquarius - THE aspect of 2021 - the old butting heads with the new. Republican obstructionism reached new heights as Uranus went deeper into a very traditional, normally conservative sign,Taurus. Behavior became anything but normal. Several disturbing things took place on January 19.

The John Lewis Voting Act rejected by the Senate. Changes to the filibuster won't happen. The Democrats don't have the votes in the Senate to make either of those things happen. Sadly, Democratic Senators Sinema and Manchin joined the Republicans in refusing to support the changes, undercutting months of hard work within their party. The story that in our bi-cameral Senate, Republicans have to a person, refused to work withDemocrats is unprecedented and renders our democracy non-functional.

Also, NY Attorney General Letitia James increased her scrutiny of the Trump organization, finding that false valuations on properties had appeared on loans, tax returns, etc. Former President Trump declared he would run in 2024. This allows him to write off expenses for campaigning. He also appears to think political office might shield him from investigation or punishment.

Stay tuned.


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