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Astrology for Friday, January 22

There is a lot of activity in Taurus right now. The Moon is in Taurus trine (harmony) Venus in Capricorn and both are sextile (build) Neptune in Pisces conjunct the healing Goddess Asteroid Ceres in Pisces. This looks like the people of America have emotions balanced with valuing principles and each other. Ready to go to work energy to build some healing. Healing for the pandemic and maybe for some unity in the country, too. Joe Biden also has Moon in Taurus. Taurus is a fixed sign, it is balanced, no drama, earthy and natural - a good foil for the sensitive moon that craves stability and security.

In my last post, I was concerned the square between Mars/Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter/Saturn in Taurus might portend violence during the inauguration. Fortunately, that was not the case. The presence of so many National Guard meant that the threat was taken seriously, but not allowed to put an end to the festivities. This is a good example that energy does not go away. There is always an up side (no matter how difficult it may be to get there) and a down side expression. Mars/Uranus in Taurus can mean upending some financial systems or energy to follow a new idea - and that can be a really good thing. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius can bring new technology to a practically useful level and provide an opportunity to build new structures that support innovation. And that can be a good thing, too.

There will be tension this year between a new way of doing things through new ideas and the established manner of doing things. The square between Aquarius and Taurus indicates that this isn't a cakewalk. But both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs. They come at things from totally different points of view, but they are like a dog with a bone - they aren't going to give up. If these two signs can agree on a goal, they have different methods of accomplishing them, but neither one gives up easily. That is probably a good thing since we have many challenges

There will be times this year when domestic terrorists have the potential to be violent again, but the inauguration, which many QAnon followers did not believe would happen, the show of force, the muzzling of Trump on social platforms, all contribute to lowering the temperature. However, it can also mean that resistance to this new administration has gone underground. Neptune in Pisces conjunct Ceres in Pisces is by and large a really good thing, but Neptune can always throw a little fog into reality. QAnon is a good example of that.

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