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Astrology for Friday, January 29

The first words that occurred to me when I viewed todays sky map was "Oooh, the natives are restless."

The Moon is still in the fire sign, Leo, and fire likes to DO something. The Moon can signify masses of people in mundane astrology. What are those masses of people interested in doing? Let's dive deeper.

The Moon, still in Leo (see yesterday's post), is developing an opposition to Mercury (Journalists, media, science) rather than the Sun (The Leader). In the morning, there is an aspect of adjustment, irritation, between the Moon in Leo and the planet Neptune in Pisces. There is a lot of escapism, fantasy and delusion inherent in some Neptune types. Neptune pertains to vaccinations and opioids, timely topics. So it seems there are many people who will oppose to the media, indulge in fantasies and discount the science of a pandemic.

In the afternoon, the Moon will form an adjustment aspect with Pluto (death) and Venus(finances, relationship) in Capricorn (conservatism). These same masses of people will want to act out against more traditionally conservative people, who like to color within their own conservative lines. Notice I am using a small c for conservative, but it could be political Conservatives.

Meanwhile, as Steven Colbert says, we have an ongoing. square between Uranus, Lilith and Mars in Taurus and Jupiter, Sun and Saturn in Aquarius. I'm not saying there will be violence tomorrow (at all), but the stage is still set for the type of event that happened on January 6 at the Capitol. DHS has sent out a bulletin warning us about it, effective until April. The seeds remain.

The Moon makes another aspect tomorrow that was active during the Black Lives Matter protests. The Moon will trine Eris at 23 Aries, a real hot spot as Eris does not fool around! Eris has been square Pluto in Capricorn for a while. That square is still within an active orb, but a tad looser. I felt that Eris evoked those that had not been "invited to the party" - the unheard, their voice this summer was the Voice of the Voiceless as they aired grievances we had not been taught in public school.

And tomorrow, we'll begin Mercury retrograde until February 20.


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