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Astrology for Friday, March 5

There is a lot going on, and the chart, representative of the solar system we are all living beneath, indicates that, too. After a retrograde parade in 2020, all planets are in direct motion at the moment. Full speed ahead! And Mars has shifted the tone quite a bit by moving from the fixed sign of Taurus into faster-paced, idea- oriented and communicative Gemini. Gemini is air element, and it harmonizes with other planets currently in the air sign of Aquarius - Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and Pallas Athene (an asteroid).

Harmony between the air signs, Aquarius and Gemini, means a fresh emphasis on ideas, communication, cooperation on new technologies that can advance collective welfare. Certainly, the progress toward vaccination embodies the best of these air elements, as does the historic cooperation between two competing drug companies to work together to manufacture more vaccine.

Of course, all is not sweetness and light. Uranus in Taurus continues to shake up the status quo in the conservative aisle while Saturn in Aquarius asks for accountability and common sense limits. Jupiter and mercury are conjunct, ensuring the slow move toward uncovering secrets through lawsuits - perhaps aiding Saturn in its quest for accountability. The timing of these transit is not accidental - they need to happen now.

As the voting rights bill and the covid relief bill make their way into the Senate, the illusory nature of Neptune in Pisces confuses, delays, and perhaps blocks, the will of the people represented by Moon in Sagittarius. That same moon is drawing close to the south node of the Moon in Sagittarius, too, indicating that old, habitual thinking may be a problem. It can also mean that the people feel they have the moral high ground here and depend upon their notions of the rule of law to combat lies, deception and lack of action attached to the consequences of covid.

We are in an unstable period, signified by the Sun in Pisces squaring the North and South Nodes of the Moon. We are at a pivotal point in the pandemic, vaccinating more people, but states like Mississippi and Texas are opening with restrictions, despite the fact that there are plenty of new cases in both states. Pandemics do not respect state lines, so if one state experiences more cases, it can affect other places. In Texas' case, is this a distraction meant to be popular with mask-haters to defuse the discontent that stemmed from the big Teas deep freeze and energy crisis? This is, let me repeat, an unstable time. We dodged a bullet on March 4 in that a militia insurrection was avoided. But we could experience other instabilities, including earth problems. We shall see.

Pluto remains in the zone it occupied during the American Revolution. Until 2023, we are going to see things reminiscent of the Revolution - a fight against a tyrannical authority. It is time for a Revolution 2.0. - a transformation strengthening the weaknesses of our democracy, and our long legacy of racism. It ain't over til it is over, so let's watch what happens.

As serious as the threats against the U.S. Capitol are, we can't let them distract from the important work still being done there. Last night, the House passed the For the People Act, an expansive election reform and voting rights bill. The legislation passed without any Republican votes, which is a shame. Disenfranchising voters through partisan gerrymandering and restricting access to the ballot box are antithetical to self-government. The bill aims to address these issues, as well as implement anti-corruption measures. It is worth earnest consideration in the Senate, free from strictly partisan interests. —Evan McMullin


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