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Astrology for Friday, November 27

The Moon is fusing her energy with Uranus in Taurus today and opposing Venus in Scorpio. All three of these planets are square Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is making her final stand in Capricorn before steaming on to a conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius on the Winter Solstice. Times are a changing.

Taurus is generally a happy place for the moon. Taurus provides emotional stability for the Moon whose feelings can change quickly. But Uranus rules revolution and surprises, individuation and insights. It is hard for the Moon to feel safe when so much is going on around her. It's usually a fairly pleasant, self indulgent time when the Moon opposes Venus. Your need for relationships is strong or you may indulge in an extravagant purchase. You may find a Black Friday deal too hard to pass up!

Throw Uranus into the mix, and you introduce volatility. Uranian attractions are a thing, so you may form an unexpected and strong attraction to someone. This attraction can be lasting, but not necessarily fun or light hearted with Saturn squaring these planets.

In a mundane chart, Taurus is involved in our money systems, so there may be an emotional reaction to fluctuations in, say, the stock market or some other financial system.


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