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Astrology for Friday, October 29

Log jams and frustrating blockages are affecting world events right now. If you are a Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo, especially those toward the middle of the sign, are most affected. There is a finger of God aspect that focuses on the middle degree of Aquarius - probably the most affected of all. And that is reflected in our current political see. The Sun and Mars in Scorpio and late Libra are impatient to take action. Traditionalists and moderates have rebelled against getting anything done (Uranus in Taurus); the progressives, represented by Aquarius are frustrated that their ideas have not been adopted by the mainstream. And the Moon in Leo represents the will of the people at large.

When the parties worked together, each compromised to achieve something of what they wanted in legislation. They worked on crafting legislation, and the back and forth of negotiations were the norm, not the exception. But these are not usual times. The GOP is refusing to participate in anything that the Democrats propose, and the Democrats, being a big tent party, are far from homogeneous. Moderates oppose progressives, and Joe Manchin, it seems, doesn't support either of them.

Why did we elect Biden with such a slim majority in a Congress that is polarized and not functional when we had the biggest "needs" list ever?


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