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Astrology for Friday, September 30

As I am writing on September 29, I cannot say for certain what will happen, but the geometry of the chart for today is pretty stunning. There is a grand kite formation (a trine- a harmonious flow - and two sextiles), a mystic rectangle and trines between Jupiter, Neptune and the Moon in Cancer, a trine between Saturn and Mars as well as a tightening square between Saturn and Uranus. All told, that involves 10 of ten planets in our solar system. That is a lot of energy and action.

There are numerous oppositions, too, which means there will be a lot to say and think and do on both sides of any equation. Let's focus on one of them: The Moon in Cancer (signifying the people) oppose Pluto in Capricorn. This pits female energy against male patriarchy, also the will of the people vs. large corporations, big business - large institutions of power.

The Sun in Virgo, Venus in Virgo and Mercury retrograde in Libra, stand in opposition to Jupiter retrograde in Aries and Neptune retrograde in Pisces. The Sun/Venus is the Executive Branch and the opposition to illusion/delusion Pisces and optimistic Jupiter in Aries may mean a mixed bag of reactions to the Leader's actions - some love it, some hate it. This may be a reaction to how things are handled by FEMA in Florida. DeSantis, who as a Congressman voted AGAINST funding relief to Hurricane Sandy, now says we have to pull together, regardless of political affiliation.

The retrogrades signify we are going over old ground, as we are, indeed, as the January 6 Select Committee prepares for its next hearings, And we have the reaction to the theft of classified material that went to Mar-Lago.


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