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Astrology for Monday, December 7

Grand ideas and bold philosophies may be a cause for optimism to the Sun in Sagittarius, but the Moon has moved into Virgo, and Virgo is interested in the concrete, not the abstract. Moon in Virgo is joined with Vesta in Virgo, an asteroid named for the.vestal virgins of Rome - not really virgins, mind you, but dedicated to maintaining the sacred fire of Rome. Moon in Virgo may hear great ideas from Sagittarius but unless she can find they are concretely useful, may not be impressed by them.

Moon in Virgo and her friend Vesta oppose Neptune; The Sun and South Node in Sagittarius oppose the North Node in Gemini. A grand cross is formed among all the mutable signs. If you have planets in the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, you may feel the tension of making these players, all representing different elements, work together. Air, Earth, Fire and Water, respectively - all representing a different face of the psyche and all coming at an issue from different vantage points.

Virgo, the sign of health care and daily routines of health, and reality, is trine Uranus in Taurus. It is looking unflinchingly at the new state of our world, pandemic numbers included, and is trying to make this situation better. Many nurses, teachers, first responders and healthcare personnel have a strong Virgo signature in their chart. The Moon in Virgo is opposed to Neptune in Pisces, a planet of illusion and delusion. Neptune can take things on faith without the evidence and often fuels fantasy instead of reality.

Gemini north node is interested in facts, logic and science. Gemini opposes the Sun and south node in Sagittarius. Sometimes, Sagittarius, ruled by "lucky" Jupiter feels everything will be okay without making an effort. But with the south node there, the beliefs of Sagittarius may be dated, out of line with new facts and new conditions.

Always, when the nodes are active, there is a feeling of karma at play. The play of science vs. myth and delusion may play out today, but the Moon in Virgo will go about its lifesaving business anyway.


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