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Astrology for Monday, January 11

I've used an image of Krystellnacht - the night of broken glass. That date and the beer hall putsch of Hitler's party, have eerie overtones of the choreographed assault on democracy last Wednesday.

It was the best of times (for some); it was the worst of times (for many). Some leadership is feeling very good about the chaos that enveloped the nation's Capitol last week. The "old boy" or "old girl" network is in play, and there is a feeling that things are being done as they have always been done. In fact, despite the insurrection at the Capitol, the head of the GOP has been reaffirmed and Trump will remain an influential, if not THE influential centerpiece of that party.

On the other hand, the Sun in Capricorn (the leader) has drawn very close to Pluto in Capricorn, indicating a desire for power and control on the part of the Leader. The Leader will not be happy as the Left (Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius) square off with some revolutionary insights (Uranus in Taurus).

Whether it is a changing administration (Jupiter/Saturn in Freedom loving Aquarius) or a move toward autocracy, the status quo is changing. So the self congratulatory stance some members are taking is premature.

We are in a transition phase of a new cycle. A revolution in ideas may be accompanied by resistance to those ideas. We probably will not see a violent response until January 14 - 17. As it is unlikely the President's cabinet will invoke the 25th amendment, the House Democrats may impeach the President for a second time. While that leaves him fee to incite trouble, a conviction after the Inauguration would make it impossible for him to run for office, under the current laws.

Meanwhile a pandemic is raging. These unprecedented events might have the result of being super spreaders, an attack on individuals as well as institutions.


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