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Astrology for Saturday, December 12

With the Moon, Venus and Juno all in Scorpio, there is an intensity and passion about having relationships, being at home and being the King or Queen of your personal castle. A good energy in a pandemic. Stay home! Stay safe!

Scorpio is a very emotional, intuitive and perceptive sign. These planets - Moon, Venus and Juno in Scorpio - are trine Neptune in Pisces. This can enhance Scorpio's perceptivity, but it can also devolve into a feeling of escapism. You may just want to be alone with your partner. At its most extreme, you may feel a floating anxiety and fantasize things that may not be real.

Mercury in Sagittarius (speaking or hearing truth) is trine Eris in Aries (those who have felt voiceless). You may say things you wouldn't necessarily say or hear things you have not heard before. Make sure you are communicating - speaking or listening - accurately, because Mercury in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces. A note of illusion or escapism may creep in.

Sun in Sagittarius and the South Node are very close to Mercury in Sagittarius. All three square Neptune, and they also oppose the North Node in Gemini - gateway to the future. At a time like this, energies are shifting. It is time to ask yourself where you are attached to outmoded beliefs and what are the new facts and logic you need to open yourself to find.


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