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Astrology for Saturday, January 23

The Moon is in Gemini (mood of the masses is bent toward logic and science) and trines the Sun (Leader), Saturn (an experienced elder) and Jupiter (opportunity and optimism) in Aquarius (innovative, individualistic, technically savvy). When the Sun and Moon are trine, the planets are in air (ideas) and emotions and logic are in harmony. The head and the heart are in balance. The opportunity exists to move quickly forward. Gemini rules the 7th house of allies in the United States Sibley Chart, so they are on board with the new leader of the US as well.

With the new administration's focus on getting vaccine to 100 million citizens in the first hundred day, this chart is favorable for that kind of activity. Innovation and steady, established practices meld together so that we aren't stuck in the past, but we can use past experience as prologue to innovations which are called for by the times we live in.

Venus and Pluto are both in Capricorn, melding the values of an elder statesman with harmony, balance, and concern for financial welfare. These energies are sextile the conjunction of Ceres and Neptune, bringing power to healing. It also powers the Defense Production Act, a mandate for mask wearing, etc. to help overwhelmed hospitals and their workers.

This is a very opportune time to make use of planets being direct and Jupiter traveling in tandem with Saturn to get things done, and the Biden administration has jumped right in. Things may hit slow a bit when Mercury goes retrograde January 30 - February 20. Past issues, such as the impeachment, may need to be resolved during that period - in fact, in early February, Mercury will revisit the spot it was in during the Capitol riot. Mercury will also be conjunct Pluto at that time. Communication about a wound to the nation would not be surprising.


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