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Astrology for Saturday, November 14

A lot going on in November, as though the month hasn't already been action packed enough, some significant events are on the horizon this weekend and shortly afterward.

Mars is Direct.

About every 2 years, Mars goes retrograde. It did so in Aries on September 9. What made the spectacle more important was that in Aries, Mars was squaring Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn, a configuration that describes the need for change in traditional, powerful institutions. Mars rules anger/aggresion, fight/flight responses. Ares was the God of War, and that is not very chill, is it?

Aries also covers the territory of identity formation in astrology. During Mars retrograde this fall, we were invited to not just tap into our anger (like the militia in Michigan, for example) but to take that warlike energy inside ourselves to discover who we are and what we would stand up for....a lot of us decided to stand up for democratic values. Others favored a more authoritarian approach. But Mars takes a Stand!

After some bumps in the road as Mars in Aries attempts to get out of the area it traveled in before September 9 - shadow territory - there will be a feeling of permission to move ahead. The shadow period will last until early next year. There may be conflict, but it will be more out in the open. And open is where it can be dealt with.

The New Moon is November 14 - 15

A New Moon in Scorpio will take place late November 14 or very early November 15, depending on where you are in the world. A new moon represents a new beginning - a growth period. So it is always helpful to begin a new project coinciding with the energy of the new moon. This one is in Scorpio, and Mars has just been let loose to direct action, so plans that have been on the back burner for a while may come to the bubble and be acted upon. Scorpio sees beyond the surface to the core of things, and that includes its own dark shadow. Embrace the awareness of your dark side. Admit to it, own it and be ready to express it. Disowned, it can wreak a lot of repressed denial havoc you don't want. Acknowledged, it houses so much creativity!

Mercury in Scorpio is Direct

Mercury went direct on Election Day, but it is still in its "shadow", not having passed the point where it went retrograde. It will be out from under the shadow on November 20. Communication is way better and all things retrograde have improved, but there may be the odd glitch in Zoom or some device's connectivity before the 20th. Mercury is in Scorpio, so you may be talking about deeper and normally taboo topics or just have a greater sense of irony. Mark Twain's Mercury was in Scorpio. Just don't act jaded - you have not seen it all! Mercury is very curious, logical and collects facts as a hobby.

Neptune in Pisces will go direct 11/29

Neptune can be a great spin machine, so with other planets going more direct and obvious in their action, let's hope the conspiracy theories and deluded behavior gets more normal after Neptune goes direct.

All in all, as the planets resume direct motion and leave their shadows and we enter the moon's growth phase, I think we'll get a sense of greater normalcy and a feeling of liberation as we are freer to react to reality.


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