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Astrology for Saturday, November 21

The Moon in Aquarius is square the Sun in Scorpio. On a personal level, emotions needs more space; on a mundane level, people as a whole are feeling restless, too. The Sun in Scorpio is kind of the Big Kahuna, and he is joined by an asteroid, Juno, that is all about hearth and home. The Big Kahuna Sun can put a heavy thumb of control and expectation, but there is the Moon wanting to break free from the usual routine to find something new. This is reinforced by Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus, and Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus. Uranus, by the way, is the ruler of Aquarius, so there is a linked energy pattern.

In a mundane chart; the Sun can mean the one in charge; the square to the moon indicates the control and power of the Sun makes the Moon, the people en masse, long for change. Certainly, a lot of people are feeling the need for change.

Today is a day to explore new avenues; applying concentrated effort in the usual ways will suffer from distraction and boredom with the current schedule. So do something new. Endeavors that involve astrology and science may fascinate you now. And the influence of Neptune in Pisces trining Mercury in Scorpio can open new doors to poetry, imagination, music, meditation and photography.

Just beware that Neptune can be a deceiver and Mercury a bit of a trickster. Just because you want something new does not mean you need to go down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories.


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