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Astrology for Sunday, January 31

The Moon has moved into Virgo, conjunct Vesta. Virgo is a sign of health. It is an earth sign, and applies its considerable skills to help people in a very practical manner. Nurses and health care workers (among others) abound in Virgo. Vesta adds an element of constancy. The Moon is synonymous with feeling, compassion and nurturing. It sounds like a very good thing to have in a pandemic, right?

The Moon/Vesta in Virgo opposes Neptune, a planet of illusion/delusion, fantasy and puzzling circumstances. Neptune is associated with infections. The news that the amount of vaccine on hand was misrepresented and the fogginess surrounding doses that have gone missing are very Neptunian. The asteroid Ceres is conjunct Neptune and in opposition to Moon/Vesta in Virgo. The healing side of Ceres definitely confirms Neptune's healthcare spin.

Crossing Neptune/Ceres in Pisces is the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. Old beliefs need to be updated in light of the changing facts of science.

What is freedom? Freedom from mask wearing, free to choose no vaccine? Or are those ideas that need to be updated. Times are hard - Mars, Lilith and Uranus in Taurus are shaking up the paradigms we grew up thinking were set in stone. Those ideas and actions are being challenged during a new Jupiter/Saturn/Sun cycle that has begun in the sign Aquarius. A revolution that seeks freedom, but is being challenged as to what freedom is. Aquarius is looking for freedom for the collective, not the established order.

Mercury, the ruler of the North Node, is in retrograde motion until February 20. Traveling over old ground. So we may go backward before we are able to go forward. Maybe that means straightening out this vaccine mess might take a bit longer than the Bide administration would like. And the question of choosing a personal indulgence over doing what is best for the population as a whole is our dilemma.


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