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Astrology for Sunday, November 29

Today is a double-header in terms of astro-events. The planet Neptune, that pretty blue gas giant pictured in front of Uranus and Saturn, is pivoting today. It is pivoting at a point that is square the transiting lunar nodes, bringing a note of karma into the day. And to top things off, we are having a lunar eclipse soon, too.

For the last 5 months, Neptune has been retrograde. Now it is pivoting to turn to direct and more open motion. Neptune is a planet of higher consciousness, fantasy,, idealism and escapism. It is often hard for Neptune to be expressed without confusion on the earth plane because its nature is a bit otherworldly. When Neptune has been retrograde, this energy was often within us. It may have been hard to sort fantasy from reality. The virus and its attendant isolation were also a part of it.

Secrets and fantasies were often discussed in dark corners during the retrograde, but as Neptune goes direct, some of those secrets will come to light. As the planet itself makes a pivot, we may see pivotal events take place on the world stage.

Neptune will be square the transiting nodes of the moon (the element of karma) as it turns to go direct. The battle between logic and philosophy (truth seen through the lens of a particular belief system) becomes more obvious. Are we going to listen to science or will we focus on our beliefs and opinions? What we have sown, we shall reap.

Just a few hours later - late Sunday night or early morning Monday, depending on your location, we will have a lunar eclipse, too. Feelings run strong during a lunar eclipse. The eclipse underlines all of the above, and that makes this a stronger eclipse. New pathways often emerge under an eclipse.

If you have planets in the mutable signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pluto or Virgo, between 15 and 22 degrees, you may see an impact in your personal life. Being an American, I see this will affect President's Trump's Sun/North Node/Uranus in Gemini and oppose his South Node and Moon in Sagittarius. It will be the beginning of a very bad period for him, I think, as secrets are exposed, and he will reap the effects of his own past behavior. His period of difficulty will last right through the Winter Solstice.


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