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Astrology for the Cancer Full Moon, 1/17/22

The New Year started off with a New Moon - a time of new beginnings. A cycle began with the new year. Now, a couple of weeks later, we are at the full moon, a point where we can see clearly what was seeded at the New Moon. It becomes clear that investigation of last year's attack on the Capital and voting rights are related.

The first week of January, Congress began a series of hearings on the January 6 insurrection, revealing just how close we came to losing our democracy. The Big Lie, that gained no traction in the courts, fueled the mob that day. Despite no evidence, after numerous (sometimes questionable, but always paid for by taxpayers) recounts, no evidence emerged that Biden stole the election. In response, however, Republican led states have pounced on election integrity as an excuse to make their voting laws more restrictive, gerrymandering, reducing Democratic voters (particularly those of color) and, perhaps most importantly, opening the door to partisan election officials who have the authority to throw out votes. Republican election officials in Georgia and elsewhere heroically stood firm against intimidation by Trump to"find a few more votes" in his favor. These laws would eliminate that option by statute.

As this digging went on, it was represented by Pluto in Capricorn as well as a retrograde Venus and retrograde Mercury. When a planet is retrograde, it is going over old ground. New information emerges. The proximity to Pluto ramps up that "digging" energy. Mercury retrograde with end by stationing direct at 24 degrees Capricorn, very near Pluto on February 4. Shortly thereafter, Pluto will exactly return to the place it occupied during the American Revolution of 1776.

Who should have a right to vote was hotly debated when the country was very young. Some people felt it should only be the landed gentry; others thought every (white) man should have a vote. This question is being debated in a different way - whose vote counts? Can votes be disqualified if the state does not like the results? Can democrats win, no matter how large the popular vote for them is? What is the role of the Federal government in leveling the playing field so that we are a true democracy? Or should these decisions be state by state?

When the Cancer full moon opposes the Capricorn sun, people naturally have withdrawn into their homes, wondering if they have what they need to survive the harshness of winter. We are all under one sky, so the sky is saying this dilemma is more than personal. Survival is at stake. Do we have what we need to get through this harsh, discontented winter?


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