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Astrology for the week of June 5-11

With the Sun in sociable Gemini, the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius over the weekend, and Venus having crossed into the romantic and creative sign Leo, you may be in the thick of travel plans or hoping for a getaway! In fact, both love planets, Venus and Mars, are in romantic Leo. Venus and Mars in Leo oppose Pluto in Aquarius, too, so there might be a conflict between enjoying passion and facing some deeper, darker realities. Whatever has been hidden might come to the surface. Later in the week, June 11 - 14, difficult truths may be spoken rashly. But never fear, because maybe the air needed to be cleared! If you can, broach the charged subject, but try to do it calmly and clearly. The Moon will have joined foggy Neptune in Pisces. If you aren't careful, you can blow up, but not what about is really making you angry. Displaced anger! Strive to be calm or at least clear.

Jupiter and the North Node (the brass ring we are reaching for in this life) are moving in tandem in Taurus. You may find opportunities to expand your horizons that come to you. You almost feel that these choices are fated, not ones you planned.

Jupiter and the North Node square the Venus and Mars/Pluto opposition. This becomes particularly acute on June 7 and 9 as the Moon joins Pluto in Aquarius and then Saturn in Pisces, respectively. Also, with Jupiter and the North Node in earthy Taurus, follow your inner animal. Keep it simple. Eat when you are hungry, drink when you are dry and sleep when you need it.


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