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Astrology for the Week of May 15 - 21

The big news this week is that Mercury ended its retrograde motion by standing still on Mother's Day, preparing to change directions and go in direct motion on Monday, May 15. Since my chart is ruled by a Mercury sign (Gemini) and my Jupiter is in Taurus, I enjoyed a very calm, pleasant day. I hope all of you, particularly Mother's (since it is your day), had an enjoyable, calm day. Those of you with stormier aspects to Mercury in Taurus may have had a different experience.

We saw how Mercury retrograde played out last week in a guilty civil verdict for the President for sexual misconduct, after a review (retrograde Pluto and Mercury) of past behavior. We also saw how Pluto in Aquarius - the rule of law - applied even to a past President. Since Mercury (media) was involved in the May 5 eclipse and full moon, we also got a preview of how the media must make choices to cover Trumps Presidential run. As the presumptive GOP nominee, he'd normally get coverage. But he also incited a seditious riot and was just indicted for his abuse of Jean Carroll decades ago. So how to cover him? Find new journalistic rules? CNN chose to cover him live and was roundly criticized for allowing him a platform.

Jupiter will enter Taurus on May 17, staying in that sign until May 25, 2024. Jupiter is a planet of luck and expansion, of optimism. Taurus' earthy sensibilities help Jupiter stay real! Jupiter occupies Taurus about one year out of 12, so if you count back in increments of 12 from today's date, you can see how Jupiter affected you when occupying the same territory as now. Not everything is the same every 12 years, of course, but you may get a theme of what areas of your life will have the potential of expanding.

Taurus is a financial sign, and we are in the middle of a (manufactured) debt crisis. The entry of Jupiter in Taurus (need for a new financial vision) has a square aspect to Pluto in Aquarius (power of the people) -showing the tense and polarized nature of this conflict. By the time Jupiter in Taurus reaches the end of May, early June, it will be conjunct the North Node of the Moon (karmic mission) and fate will take an unforeseen turn in this crisis. Because of the benefic nature of Jupiter and the fickle finger of fate that will be encountered, as well well as Pluto's presence in the democratic sign of Aquarius, I do have hope that this crisis will be resolved without default. If the debt crisis is not resolved by June 11 when Pluto returns to the hierarchical sign of Capricorn on June 11, I think the outcome is much more problematic.

In general, the financial systems will have a lot of scrutiny this year.

If you are a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, a lot is happening in your chart right now. You can always find out more about the personal effects of thee planetary movement, including how to use them most successfully by calling me or another good astrologer for a personal reading.


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