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Astrology for Thursday, December 24 - Christmas Eve!

A holiday in the midst of a pandemic! There is a challenge for you. We are starting to see the effects of Thanksgiving on COV-19 transmission - and here we are again.

The country is divided on how this will be handled. And the planets in the sky that reflect that division. There are a number of squares indicating tension with the new circumstances we face. Pluto in Capricorn is square Mars and Eris. Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius square the Moon, Uranus and Lilith in Taurus - the tug of war between the old and new.

Neptune in Pisces square Venus in Sagittarius, reinforcing the idea that the virus can be spread through close personal relationships - reliance on luck alone is not enough!

The Sun in Capricorn, however, is trining Moon, Uranus, and Lilith in Taurus in earth signs, indicating a pragmatism in adapting to do a holiday in a new way, in new circumstances. There is a good balance there of the emotions and the intellect.

Happy Holidays, Everyone! Stay Safe!


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