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Astrology for Thursday, December 3

The Moon is in Cancer, directly opposite the power trifecta that has made 2020 so (unhappily) memorable - Pluto/Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. The conservative power planets are undergoing a rigorous transformation. In the process we have seen the dark underbelly of Capricorn. Positively, Capricorn can mean conservative (as in conserving resources), integrity and achievement. Negatively, those good qualities are achievement through negative ways, grasping at power, unfairness to others.

Currently, we are undergoing a health care crisis as the pandemic rages in unheard of numbers. Cancer brings to bear the quality of leadership, compassion, sensitivity and care. These qualities are at odds with the Capricorn planets.

Cancer is one end of a trine today, involving Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. The best of this watery trio is heightened sensitivity, compassion and an imaginative use of resources to find answers that help people. However, every front has a back, and the negative side is that a person can float in a pleasant dream under this influence or, worse, slide into a feeling (but not logical) acceptance of fantastical conspiracy theories. To use the best of the transit - and continue to enjoy dreaming a good dream - we must know where the line between fantasy and reality lies.


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