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Astrology for Thursday, February 11

Today marks the Aquarian new moon. In fact, we are still experiencing a line up of planets in the sign Aquarius - Saturn , Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon and Sun - 6 out of 10 planets. These forces in Aquarius stand in a challenging, friction laden square to Mars and Uranus in Taurus.

The Democrats really began to gain steam after the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, so I tend to find it representative of Democratic initiatives. Taurus is a more staid, traditional energy, and it is pretty reasonable to see it as representative of the GOP. But with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, in the sign Taurus, it is indicative of a rift between the more traditional GOP members and a revolutionary group - the Donald Trump faction of the GOP.

So here we are, with the majority of planets in Aquarius, entering a new cycle and having growth momentum from the New Moon. There is a lot of Democratic ballast at the beginning of the impeachment trial. The more violent and chaotic forces are with the GOP. But the Democrats have a lot of energy on their side.

Mercury is retrograde, indicating a reprise of issues from Donald Trump's presidency has arisen again

The GOP fantasy mill still has a lot of power left; however, with Neptune (fantasy) working amicably with powers of corruption (Pluto in Capricorn) and trining Mars in Taurus. I would bet there is some violence to come. And fantastic delusions continue to be a way for Trump to continue to seek power.

Still, to me, the Democrat have an edge here. I would not be surprised if, once the evidence has been fully presented, Donald Trump is actually convicted. If not, his lies will be exposed, leading to a transformation of establishing laws where we once depended on norms.


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