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Astrology for Thursday, January 28

The moon is full in Leo, opposite the Aquarian sun at 9 degrees. The Leo Moon will create a transiting t-square with the Sun in Aquarius and Mars/Uranus in Taurus.

When Leo and Aquarius oppose one another, they are opposite in some ways, but can complement each other, too( fire and air element = combustion). They are both concerned with love and creativity, but come at very differently. Leo is concerned with personal love, personal creativity, personal applause. As a fire element, Leo likes to act! Aquarius loves, too, but loves humanity. People not so much. Aquarius likes its freedom, thank you very much, and creativity tends to come in the form of new ideas. Ideas need action if they are to realized, and that is where Leo and Aquarius can help one another. Leo is the archetype of the King; Aquarius celebrates the right of every man. These two signs share a common theme of love, but there are significant differences in its expression. At the full moon, each sign can see, if it chooses to do so, the other and find balance between personal love and love for the collective.

If you are born within the first 10-11 days of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus, this energy may affect you very personally. It also applies to any planet in your birth chart in an early fixed degree. The fixed signs can be annoyingly persistent - but that is their strength, too. Sometimes their fixity does not allow them to move on when it is time to change. They can stay too long at the fair out of sheer will.

On another note, Mercury will be retrograde for 3 weeks starting on Saturday. It is a great time to slow down and thoughtfully consider or reconsider your actions. It is not so productive to initiate big, new purchases or projects. Go too fast, and the Universe may slow you down by missed appointment, lost keys or messages that have gone astray or misunderstood. Mercury will be retrograde January 30 - February 20. It will be direct after February 20, but still in the shadow of its retrograde - a time when things have not quite settled down to normal, but are much better for devices, appointments, etc.


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