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Astrology for Thursday, January 7

After a long sojourn in Aries, Mars, much on display in the Capitol today, has moved into 0 degrees Taurus. This marks a shift. The Moon has entered the fixed sign of Scorpio opposite Uranus and Mars in Taurus. Scorpio is a sign about power, and the powers that be are not happy about challenges to their authority.

With Jupiter and Saturn squaring Mars and Uranus in Taurus, there is conflict between the new and old. There is tension within the ranks of the GOP, torn between being the party of Trump and traditional conservatives.

Let's hope that now that Mars in Taurus, a more calm and deliberate sign than Aries, will ultimately be less rash than the last 6 months. But first, Mars has to get past Uranus in Taurus - and it will take until early February to do that.

We have not seen the end of violence, chaos, lies from the President and his supporters yet. This month is going to be very difficult. Mars, God of War, is drawing ever closer to Uranus, God of Revolution, and a square to the more Democratic Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.


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