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Astrology for Thursday, July 29

Oh, boy, oh, boy! I've been waiting for an event that is happening on Thursday, July 29 - and it is here!

Jupiter has returned to Aquarius, and I am so glad. Let me tell you why.

The story begins last December. Saturn and Jupiter joined one another in Aquarius, setting the stage for a new cycle, our next 200 years. Biden had won the Presidential election, and many of us were weak in the knees with relief. Yes, there were some pretty hideous reactions to the new normal, but still..

Jupiter represents luck and expansion. Saturn represents the rules, limits, definition. Aquarius is a sign that resonates with human right and democracy. For the first 100 days or more, Biden got things done - vaccinations rolled out; the American Rescue Plan was passed. Then Jupiter disappeared into the sign of Pisces in Mid May and left Saturn alone in Aquarius. The work (Saturn) did not stop, but it became a long, hard slog with Saturn left to its own devices. People didn't want vaccinations; states passed onerous voter suppression bills (that would have, if enacted in 2019, have prevented a democratic win); the Big Lie about election results continued; Trump judges upheld decisions that were racist; a bi-partisan committee to investigate the 1/6 insurrection was scuttled. Obstacle after obstacle came up. Another way had to be found, but delays were frustrating and scary. The pandemic began to surge again among the unvaccinated. Luck and ease were gone from mid May to today (I hope).

Today, Jupiter returns to Aquarius. His presence in the sign of democracy is likely to bring a happy influence if you want to see an infrastructure plan or voting rights plan. And the American people overwhelmingly do. Jupiter won't get as close to Saturn as it did during the early days of the Biden administration, but I believe it will be an invaluable aid to democracy for the rest of the year. Jupiter also rules lawsuits and ethics, so this should help, too.

Jupiter is in an air sign and does rule expansion, so the downside of his presence is that the ease of transmission of an airborne virus is facilitated. For some, this will not signal a motivation to get vaccinated, but I think it will, for some.

Today, Jupiter in Aquarius will oppose Donald Trump's ascendant in Leo - how he sees the world and how the world sees him will be affected. Trump' ascendant in Leo is about his ego; Jupiter is about society as a whole.

Today, the Sun in Leo is conjunct the North Node in Leo (destiny) of the United States Sibley chart. This adds tremendous significance to the re-entry of Jupiter into the sign of democracy, Aquarius. The US Chart is also tying into the Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus aspect that characterizes this year. Where does society need new rules and where does conservatism need to let in some fresh air?

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