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Astrology for Thursday, November 19

Venus in Libra is squaring the Jupiter/Saturn/Pallas Athene/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn while Mars in Aries is squaring it from the other side. I was musing on what that means when I turned into a Youtube piece of "Fight for the Future" featuring a panel of female progressives. I thought "Aha! This is exactly what this aspect

is about!" The t-square formed by the planets mentioned above always lies in the open leg - in this case, Cancer. Cancer is a sign of nurturing, sensitivity to the needs of self and others. This progressive panel is talking with great sense about the need to untether health care from employment, particularly in a pandemic where so many people lost their jobs and their healthcare simultaneously.

We are in a state of change and transitioning from pain and dysfunction when a quarter of a million Americans has died. Health care, despite the heroism of those administering it, is a broken system that costs too much and is not transparent to those using the system. Should we continue to let people die and not care about their pain or are we going to be a technologically, morally and socially advanced nation?

As Saturn and Jupiter leave Capricorn, a new cycle is beginning. There is a lot to do...we must each decide the direction of the future.


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