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Astrology for Thursday, November 26. Happy Thanksgiving!!

First off: Happy Thanksgiving! Your holiday may be a bit different from your normal routine, but most of us have something to be grateful for. It's a good day to count blessings - and to help someone out who is having a hard time, whether through financial difficulties, loneliness or food insecurity.

I thought I'd write a feel good piece for the holiday, but there is an exceedingly militant air about women in the chart today. Maybe it will manifest as a rabid relative - but here is what I see. The Moon, a feminine, subjective, intuitive, night time figure is in the decidedly martial sign of Aries squaring the asteroid Pallas Athene, a martial and wise female figure. Venus (feminine again) in Scorpio opposes Uranus and Lilith (female and the raw, primitive shadow side at that!). Let's break it down.

The Moon in Aries is very close to Eris in Aries. The Moon signifying the will of the people and Eris being the voices that have been unheard. The square to Pallas Athena suggests that the wisdom of those unheard voices will continue to be silenced unless they actively pursue their right to do so with martial vigor. I am reminded of the NAACP lawsuit that alleges black voters were unfairly targeted for voter suppression. The current administration categorized their votes as ones that should be cast out - in mostly black and democratic cities, like Detroit. Thus, voter suppression and disenfranchisement.

Lilith conjunct Uranus in Taurus opposite Venus in Scorpio may oppose each other, but they seem to have a lot in common. Scorpionic work often involves delving into the raw and primitive shadow, very similar to Lilith. When the shadow is admitted and owned, a lot of energy is freed up from the work of repressing the shadow. Creativity rushes up. Uranus is about individual genius. In Taurus, it can be harnessed and used. Insights occur; individuation increases and a revolution in consciousness can happen.


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