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Astrology for Thursday, October 7

Time to get unstuck!

We had a new moon this week and Mercury is retrograde. Making all this especially powerful is the fact that Pluto, which has been in retrograde motion since April, 2021, direct tomorrow. Retrograde Mercury in Libra uncovers and exposes secrets previously hidden, requiring a redefinition of power and authority as Pluto moves direct through the rest of Capricorn. Not only is Capricorn about achievement and authority; Pluto also deals with issues of power and trust.

It has been a long, heavy slog this summer as we retraced some old ground in terms of the pandemic. We also saw legislation reminiscent of the Jim Crow era that has many afraid their vote will not be important.

On October 11, Saturn ends its retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, followed by Jupiter going direct in Aquarius on the 18th of the month. Full steam ahead, the planets are preparing to move ahead, and what can we earthlings do but do the same?

Some of the hard slogging we have seen in politics lately may begin to move again.


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