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Astrology for Tuesday, August 10

I wasn't planning to write a post tonight, but the planetary positions are pretty compelling. The Nodes of the Moon, our country's line of destiny, (The dragon's heads) is set to move away from old beliefs and opinions into a more fact and science based position - North Node in Gemini. That is the direction if we chose to fulfill our future, but plenty of people are stacked up on the side of beliefs and opinions that have become stuck in time - South Node in Sagittarius. Philosophy is stuck if it cannot change to accommodate new facts. So here we are.

Mars in Virgo (actions of health care workers) are squaring both ends of the transiting nodes, creating a skipped step whose lesson must be learned before movement toward the Gemini north node can happen. To add weight to this direction, the United States Sibley chart's Uranus is at 8 Gemini, mighty close to the transiting north node and emphasizing the need to wake up! It is already too late to avoid higher temperatures and earth catastrophies due to climate change. The US Sibley chart's Uranus adds urgency and instability. Astrologers like to say expect the unexpected when Uranus is in the mix - so, be flexible, make room for the unknown.

Mars in Virgo close to theMoon in Virgo - there will be a lot of haggling over details. (Are they still haggling over the details of the infrastructure bill?)

Conditions are never stable during squares to the Nodes, and in this case, Mars is literally raising the temperature in the form of wildfires and the rapid spread of COVID-19, Delta variant.

We are on the growth cycle of the moon, so things are moving!


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