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Astrology for Tuesday, December 22

Squares indicate challenges. There is a lot of power if the planets connected by a square can be made to work together, but navigating the integration of the squaring planets is a tricky business. The chart today has a number of squares. The Moon has moved into Aries, very near the painful wound represented by Chiron. The Moon and Chiron are square the Sun in Capricorn. In a mundane chart, the Sun represents the Leader. The Sun is in Capricorn, a conservative sign, and over the past four years, I have seen it track pretty well with the GOP Administration. The Leader, of course, is President Trump. The Moon represents the will of the people, and it bears a wound likely caused by the Administration. Perhaps we'll begin to see painful consequences of the Cybersecurity of the hack of our Treasury and security systems. This is pretty likely since the entry of Jupiter/Saturn into the technologically savvy sign Aquarius is squaring Uranus in Taurus - another example of a shake up of our formerly stable and secure systems. The Sun in Capricorn is also trine Uranus inTaurus which can mean two things which are not mutually exclusive. One is that the hack was an inside job, done with knowledge and consent at the highest levels. The other is the doling out of a small cash payment - $600 for the public which has been hurt so grievously, through no fault of their own, by the pandemic. A pathetic amount - and how much did we pay each member of Congress to painfully hammer out that deal?


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