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Astrology for Tuesday, December 29

Cancer is such a feeling, nurturing energy. This full moon, opposite Sun in Capricorn is known as the Cold Moon, the Long Winter Night Moon. Intense feelings may arise today as we say goodbye soon to a tortuous year and hope the light will keep increasing to the Spring Equinox.

The Full Moon happens on a day when the Covid Relief Bill makes its way through the halls of Congress - negotiated by the President's men, vilified by the President, with the Democrats joining the request for $2,000; the GOP defending the $600 payout - chaos can trigger our emotions!

The outcome of this particular project is chaotic - the result of a President who pulls a wild card move at the 11th hour. (It's not that I am not in favor of a $2,000 payout - it should have been $2,000 A MONTH for the last 5-6 months. But the way it has been done is chaotic.) Uranus in Taurus brings chaos in financial matters as it squares Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. I am guessing the timing of signing will take 2 - 3 days when the Sun crosses a sensitive point between the location of the Sun now and the Planet Mercury, both in early degrees of Capricorn.

Moon in Cancer is inconjunct Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Aquarius is a more Democratic than conservative energy, and this adjustment is to benefit the people, represented by the Moon. Of course, the GOP headwinds seem to have little appetite for changing the bill because of the President's disapproval. Chiron, indicative of a wound or shadow that haunts the desires of the people (and Democrats), is square both the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer. There is likely to be a feeling of being hurt.

Cancer is an emotional, caring and sensitive energy - there is a desire to help people. However, Venus in Sagittarius (Venus has a financial face) is close to the south node in Sagittarius - the old powers of the Nation, and is square (tension) Ceres (nurturing) conjunct Neptune (which can represent ministering to the underdog). That does not sound very helpful in getting an increase i relief passed.

Meanwhile, the White House has provided little leadership in combating the deaths or the problems of COVID-19. Hospitals (Neptune in Pisces) continue to be overrun. Opposite Neptune lies Vesta in Virgo - the devoted efforts of health care workers in an increasingly difficult landscape.


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