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Astrology for Tuesday, January 12

A new cycle is starting - the Capricorn New Moon will take place around 6:30 pm. On the new moon, the Moon is conjunct the Sun. Pluto is also very near the Sun, so this month, Pluto will affect the New Moon's beginning of a Waxing Cycle (a period of growth that lasts about 2 weeks). This New Moon is in the goat-y sign of Capricorn, so ambition and perseverance are part of the equation.

In a mundane chart, the Moon signifies the people; the Sun represents the Leader (President). Pluto is about power. Pluto has a ruthless way of showing us the underbelly of everything. The FBI has issued an alert that there will be far right protests of President-Elect Biden's inauguration in every state starting later this week through Inauguration Day. That jibes with astrology. Uranus in Taurus will station and return to direct motion - liberated, as it were, on Thursday, January 14. Uranus has been retrograde since mid August.

Mars in Taurus and the dwarf planet Eris is squaring the Moon, Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Part of this new moon energy will be used to act repressively and violently. With Uranus in Taurus square Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, there are a lot of individuals insisting on their right to be "free" even if their freedom means repression to others.


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