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Astrology for Tuesday, January 18

The North and South Node of the Moon, often called the Dragon's Tail and Head, shows where we have karma, and the remedy for what ails us about that karma. Nations have karma, too. And today, that karmic influence shifted for us personally and for us as a nation.

The Nodes stay in a sign about 18 months. In June, 2020, the South Node was in Sagittarius; the North Node was in Gemini. We aw a national focus on opinion (Sagittarius) vs. fact and science (Gemini). The effect was very polarizing and affected behavior during a a worldwide pandemic.

Today, the Nodes shifted to South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus. Both are signs that have to do with, among other things, money and the values that underlie how money is spent. Scorpio can be dramatic and violent, as it rules police forces, brute power and the underworld. Taurus is ruled by peace loving Venus and values the natural world for its practicality, beauty and calm. In today's polarized world, I think we will see the same degree of struggle between proponents of Scorpio and Taurus as we saw when the Nodes were in Sagittarius and Gemini.

Today, Mitch Landrieu announced that he is working to implement the bipartisan infrastructure plan under President Biden's guidance. He said that red or blue, governors and mayors followed the "no matter how votes go, they always want the dough" rule. Everyone, he said, wanted the money, improvements and jobs stemming from the bill.

We will also be witnessing the distress of Earth as Taurus, representing the natural world, tries to steer us into a better way of treating the planet. We will see climate related events and activities likes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Also today, a transiting t-square as the Moon in Leo squared Uranus in Taurus (stationing, therefore quite powerful) and Saturn in Aquarius. Looks like we are turning a new page. The ending is not written yet, but we are a little further down the road.

Tomorrow, Uranus will resume direct motion.


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