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Astrology for Tuesday, January 19

In such a volatile time, the ability to predict events is limited by the astrologers ability to imagine them. When Uranus is in the mix, and it is, an astrologer might say expect the unexpected. They wouldn't be wrong, but that is of limited help. I can describe the context, but use your imagination to play with the concepts.

Today, the last day of the Trump presidency, the Sun in Capricorn (the Leader) i at 29 degrees - the final degree before entering Aquarius (a more democratic sign) on Wednesday. We've experienced the Capricorniest of Capricorn, and are hoping to move on, but a vestige of last year remains. Pluto is still in Capricorn, so there is a holdover legacy of a Capricorn administration to process; work with the shadow of Capricorn is not yet done. Still, though, we are moving forward. Planets that spent a good part of last year retrograde, taking us into the past, are going direct this year. Green light!

In the US Sibley Chart, the South Node of the Moon - the past of the United States - is at 6 degrees Aquarius. Lucky Jupiter is very near that point, but Mars and Uranus, within minutes of arc, are conjunct in Taurus, squaring transiting Jupiter and the South Node of the US Chart. There will be turmoil in formerly staid institutions, particularly financial systems. The US has some karma to work out over its past behavior.

When Mars and Uranus join together, things are very volatile, politically and for the earth (particularly as Mars and Uranus are conjunct in earthy Taurus). Spreading, expansive violence (Jupiter square Mars and Uranus) is a possibility. So are earth events, such as earthquakes, or an event associated with wind (Jupiter is in an air sign). There are also mishaps likely in aviation (Uranus in Taurus and the air quality of Jupiter in Aquarius).

It seems no accident that a more contagious form of COVID 19 is becoming more widespread as we see Jupiter and Saturn in an air sign, squaring Mars and Uranus in Taurus. Also, Mercury rules the lungs, and Mercury is in Aquarius, an air sign, sextile Moon in Aries. The Moon and Aries can be about the body and health.

We also have transiting Neptune squaring the transiting nodes, adding to the instability of the times. This nodal activity, plus the stimulation of the US Nodes, adds a karmic touch to the proceedings. What needs to happen will happen. Despite delay or possible obstruction, things are going forward to change our reality. Expect the unexpected.


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