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Astrology for Tuesday, January 26

There are some powerful connections today between the transiting Moon in 13 degrees Cancer (noon in Washington, DC) and the Sun at 13 degrees Cancer in the United States Sibley Chart. The will of the masses show alignment with the purpose of the Sun, our leader, in our country.

Cancer is an extremely sensitive sign. That sensitivity calls for a secure environment. Security and safety are big concerns when there is a great deal of Cancer energy present. Articles of Impeachment dealing with an anti-democratic riot have been delivered to our Cancerian country's Senate. Another facet of Cancer energy is healing, care and nurturing. Certainly this is pertinent to the pandemic. it's also pertinent to healing our partisan divide. This doesn't mean things are being healed today, but the awareness of it is heightened.

President Biden's natal Jupiter at 25 degrees Cancer is in opposition to transiting Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn. Venus is rushing to join the Jupiter/Pluto party...Biden is bringing opportunity to heal the Plutonian wound our country has received from the virus and from the economy (Venus). At least that is one meaning.

Touching the wounded underbelly (Pluto) can have repercussions, too. The wound can seek to inflict pain. But Biden's got a lot of Scorpio energy in his own chart with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Scorpio (Scorpio ruled by Pluto). He understands the cost of facing power down, but he is optimistic and fueled by his principles. Biden's No Drama Moon in Taurus is level headed and methodical. His Jupiter in Capricorn is persevering.

With transiting Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, this new cycle will provide more scope and opportunity than later in the year. Biden's moon is conjunct Mars and Uranus in Taurus, so we have reason to believe he's not going to envision a straitjacket return to the conventions of yesterday, but a new and improved version that utilizes all the new technology that science can offer.

It seems to me the will of the majority is ready for healing the wounds suffered over the course of the last year. The unbridled pandemic knocked a lot of norms to pieces, and much will be possible as a result. It is a sad way to find out what doesn't work or can't be relied upon, but as poet laureate Amanda Gorman said, our nation is not broken, just unfinished. And now we have the opportunity to take the US a little closer to the goalpost.


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