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Astrology for Tuesday, January 5

Mars has been in Aries for an extended period - 6 months, which is unusual. Today, January 5, marks the last day of Mars' reign in its home sign. Mars is therefore at 29 degrees Aries. When planets reach 29 degrees, they are considered to be at a critical degree. In predictive astrology, 29 degrees often means it is too late to affect the outcome - it is going to happen.

As I look at tomorrow's chart as a whole, two words keep popping into my head: madness and chaos. Add Mars and you get madness, chaos and violence. The Moon is in harmonious Libra trine Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (supportive for democracy and governing in a democratic manner - I do think the Georgia democrats will win the Senate seats - let's see if I am right). But the Moon is also inconjunct Uranus in Taurus (chaos in the Establishment). The Sun (Leader) is trine (supporting) the young bulls who want to have a run at the Establishment.

Neptune is still part of a grand cross, too, opposing Vesta in Virgo and crossed by the South Node in Sagittarius and North Node in Gemini. Neptune is also square Venus in Sagittarius and sextile the Sun and Pluto (current administration) in Capricorn. When Neptune is involved, the likelihood of madness, secrecy, lack of transparency lies and "spin" are really ramped up!

It looks to me like there is a lot of secretive talk among the Presidential hopefuls in the GOP, a lot of lies about the election, a potential for misguided violence by, on or before Wednesday. We know about the secretive call to Governor Raffensberger of Georgia, but how many such calls do we NOT know about? Trump is holding a large rally before the election of the Georgia Senators. Should be a wild, mad, chaotic ride this week!


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