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Astrology for Tuesday, July 26 & some real world ways the planets play out

The Moon will be in watery Pisces on Tuesday, a time when dreams, visions and fantasies happen. The Moon, which can also signify the people in a worldwide chart, will also be conjunct Neptune in Pisces part of the day. Moon and Neptune in Pisces can lead to some gaslighting and confusion at the low end of the pool or may result in inspiration at the higher end of the pool.

Pisces also rules pharmaceuticals, and it implicated in the pandemic, too. Moon and Neptune in Pisces are linked with the Sun (Leader) and Mercury (Media) in Leo as well as Pluto in Capricorn (a power play for authority). See below.

Under this set of planetary placements, we could see a power play by a former leader, assisted by the media. Corollary: In the news today, Trump (Pluto in Capricorn) seem determined to kill the infrastructure bill and derail the 911 investigation, calling Republicans Kinzinger and Cheney "Pelosi Republicans." Trying to make them out Democrat friendly is contrary to the facts that they both voted for Trump and voted for his policies consistently. House member Banks who is now off the Select Committee had hired the son of Tucker Carlson, indicating he had hoped to get FOX news coverage for a possible run for election to a higher office. He seems to have wanted his presence on the Select Committee as a platform for a presidential bid. (Mercury = young person conjunct Sun = authoritative leader).

It is worth noting that 80 % of the people (both parties) feel there is more to learn about the insurrection. Trump is making killing the infrastructure bill and the select committee as "loyalty" tests. Facts that emerge may not bode well for him or Minority SpeakerMcCarthy.

The people (Moon in Pisces, remember? ) overwhelmingly want the infrastructure bill which is being sabotaged after weeks of negotiation. (Saturn the Builder is in the sign of Aquarius - democracy' society as a whole)

More positively, our current leader might exert his authority to require some actions by the people at large to take some safety precautions - mandatory vaccines or masking, and have his efforts broadcast by the media. Corollary: States are taking the initiative to require mask mandates of their employees, and the CDC is recommending masks indoors.There are also some states that are requiring vaccines from some of their workforce. More states are likely to follow

Saturn in Aquarius is opposite the Sun/Mercury in Leo, so acting responsibly for society may feel a sacrifice of individual freedom and pleasure. It really isn't an either/or situation, but some may feel that way.


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